GOLFIT Development Program
Created by Mike Durst, PGA Director of Instruction at Hilaman Golf Club and
Bill Fredericks, MS CSCS owner of FrequencyXP Fitness.

The GOLFIT program is designed to use fitness training in coordination with golf instruction to help you improve your golf game and your overall quality of life.

By focusing on the key fitness elements listed below you will improve the skills required to play better golf. 

 1- Movement Control and Coordination
 2- Dynamic Mobility and Flexibility
 3 - Speed and Power
 4 - Strength

The GOLFIT program (8 weeks) will include:
  • An individual fitness assessment by Bill and a Flightscope skills evaluation by Mike
  • Three weekly fitness training sessions at Frequency XP.
  • Customized workout plan specifically designed for you. 
  • A weekly golf coaching session
  • Two individual Flightscope lessons
  • An individual golf practice plan
Cost for this program is $449 and includes all of the above.

Additional 4 week sessions will be $199.